Monday, 10 November 2008


Pharyngula reports on a new Chick Tract:

If you are new to the bewildering and horrifying world of Jack Chick, this is actually quite a gentle introduction, but noteworthy as being something of a departure from the usual moronic and distasteful bleatings we've come to know and despise with every fibre of our beings.

This kind of Zionism seems to be fashionable at the moment. I'd like to think this is due to the pressure of rationalism. There are only two choices if you insist on believing in god: retreat into fairytale literalism or admit that god is evil or at least wantanly capricious. It seems like a response to the eyebrow-raising suggestion that it's a little odd that god just happened to choose a bunch of bronze age barbarians to reveal his holy word to, after caring not at all for anyone else in the vastly greater part of human history. Ramming this ludicrous idea into the context of the modern day gives it some spurious credibility to the hard of thinking. It's a back door approach to the question of why a good god would allow evil in the world, and it's as shallow and laughable as every other approach.

The desperation with which people trot out arguments like this to shore up their waning beliefs often makes me wonder why they don't go the whole hog and simply propose an evil god. It would certainly be consistent with scripture and nobody would have to agonise anymore about why god allows evil in the world. Spurious correlations between largely fictional events in the Bible (as far as anyone knows, Exodus never happened) and natural disasters in the present just confuse the issue, rather than making an argument anyone can take seriously.

If you are new to the wacky world of Jack Chick, check him out and then tell me he's not evil.

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