Tuesday, 9 December 2008

More hysterical idiocy from Cormac Murphy-OConnor


I'm not sure I can say a single thing to ridicule this - O'Connor does a bang-up job of being a perfect caricature of himself as usual.

I'd feel negligent if I didn't cherry pick a couple of quotes though:
However, he claims that Catholicism has borne the brunt of "liberal hostility" in its battles to fight for values it considers to be "fundamental pillars of a rightly ordered society." [my emphasis]
I can't even bring myself to comment on this.

He blames the culture of individual rights, encouraged by the Human Rights Act, as responsible for creating a society that claims to be tolerant, but in fact denies the rights of religious groups to act according to their conscience and beliefs.
So let's see... He is broadly against the idea of Human rights. Well, OK, he's Catholic, that's more or less a given. But he is also against tolerance....unless it is tolerance for (especially Catholic) religion. He knows perfectly well that tolerance of Catholic dogma is in a large degree incompatible with tolerance of anything else. Other religions, for one thing. Homosexuality for another. Condom use where it could certainly save the lives of millions....

Intolerance of Catholicism (and other religions) is necessary in even a remotely tolerant society. O'Connor knows this, of course. Hence his blustering panic.

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