Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Pandering to idiocy

A family reportedly believes their house is haunted because the floor got hot.

This is fairly standard nonesense. The part of the story that stands out is this:

But Italian experts have revealed there were no geological or scientific reasons for the freak temperatures in Riesi, Sicily.

This is an appallingly stupid statement. First, it doesn't say what they were experts in. Secondly, if they said that they were no geological or scientific reasons for the high temperature, then the only thing we can be sure of is that they were not experts in geology or science. Apparently geology is now not a science.

Of course, the experts - assuming they exist - will have said no such thing. They'll have said they don't know. There's nothing in the story to suggest that the 'experts' actually went to the scene. It seems more likely that a journalist called a random expert and asked "why did this floor get so hot?" and they said they didn't know. For journalists, this translates to "no scientific reason", especially when it means they get to write a story about the supernatural, which are known to sell very well.

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